How To Set Up Singapore Photobooth?

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To set up a photo booth, you will also need a computer with photo booth software installed, an external flash, props (e.g. hats, wigs, glasses), and backdrops. Some singapore photobooth also come with built-in lighting to create a more professional looking setup.

  1. String lights covered with cloth

Not many people consider using lights and fabrics to create a photo booth backdrop but once you do you’ll see the results are stunning with so little effort!

All you have to do is hang the string lights vertically and then drape the fabric over each light. Pastels are best for keeping the background subtle.

  1. Balloon wall

A pack of balloons is always fun be it children or adults. They can be used to create a spectacular photo booth without much effort. All you need are balloons in the colours of your party theme, a pump, and threads.

When the balloons are fully inflated, tie a handful together and disperse them horizontally along your photo booth. Your guests will have a great time taking pictures in between the balloons!

  1. Rosettes made of paper

With a restricted budget, you may still have fun and have a beautiful photo booth. You may make this background with any sort of paper you have on hand; no special material is required.

All you need is papers, a hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors. The further process consists of folding and adhering the paper together. Play around with different colours and sizes to keep it interesting. After that, mix photographs using as many collage creation concepts as possible.