Using Altars in Feng Shui Consultation

A lot people use Altars. Some are for religious reasons. Some are less conspicuous and appear to blend in with outside d├ęcor but they are things we have of particular worth, they have a significance to us and although no one else sees it, we know why they are there.


In Feng Shui some Folks decide to set up different kinds of Altars for their Sacred Space Most are not elaborate and all of them vary but to my customers, all of them have deep and private meanings for them. Some of my customers have a tendency to use things that we would use in Feng Shui and tackle The Five Elements, an Auspicious Symbol, Shade or Amount. My customers do so to remind them that they have made Intentions to alter the way that they are living, thinking and feeling and will keep them. It can be a strong, symbolic message to see this every day and they will also include Quotes and words of inspiration on this. They maintain their idea positive and focused for the outcomes they would like to accomplish.

The Altars utilized in the Hindu faith tend to be much more elaborate. While my Grandmother addressed her Saints, they also address theirs. Sometimes special rooms are made for these Altars and the majority of my customers of the religion will be two to three times per day. An example of a gorgeous Altar of the Hindu religion is under.

In the Chinese and A number of other cultures they are taught to revere the elders of the household. They have amazing knowledge and wisdom that we will not understand until we ourselves are older and have been though many of life’s lessons. We are educated and it is an important principle in Feng Shui to Honor Our Ancestors. Often times we will see that a customer integrates just that into their houses, using their own place of honor on a table or shelf. They may be real pictures of someone special or a product which they possessed. It gives us a place to go to talk to them and connect together in our own unique ways. To my customers that choose this, I really do suggest that they maintain it in one area of their dwelling feng shui consultation. Naturally there’s sadness left behind and using its own unique place to contain that despair does not have it filter through our whole space.