What is child counselling in Singapore?

If you imagine the amount of stress that a 12-year-old has today you would be surprised to know that it has been medically confirmed that the stress levels of a 12-year-old kid are comparable to a mentally depressed person back in the 1800s. This is because of so many things and we cannot even understand why this is happening. But if you love your child you would go to any lengths to help them. There are services related to child counselling in Singapore that you can send your child to, or even accompany them

Why is this necessary?

It is necessary because of a lot of things. Can you imagine your childhood while reading this sentence? Not the one that you used to laugh and play with your friends and all the good memories, but the ones that you hid from your parents, siblings and even teachers. Did you ever feel that you need to just blurt out everything that you are keeping inside, and the uneasiness in your body keeps on making you sick, and you just don’t like anyone around you?

Was there a moment where people thought that you are just fine and you are making excuses to not complete your homework or something like that? If you can relate to this, then you need to go to child counselling Singapore with your children. This is not just a problem with people in general, but it is something that has been inculcated in us through generations. Break the chain and hear your child.